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Professional Teeth Whitening at
Bald Hills Dental

Before and after teeth whiteningAt Bald Hills Dental, we’re here for one reason: to make sure that you love your smile. We care about getting you the results that you want. Our high-quality services include teeth whitening, which can give your entire appearance a boost.

A white smile is the perfect accessory that goes with everything. Bright teeth tend to reflect health, youth and beauty. But if your tooth enamel has seemed to darken over the years or has never been bright, we offer a safe and effective solution: professional teeth whitening.

When to Whiten Your Teeth

The teeth whitening products we use safely lift away stain accumulation and brighten the natural colour of healthy enamel, leaving whiter teeth behind. Unlike products available online, in shops or at the spa, having a dentist whiten your teeth will produce the most significant and gentle results possible.

The situations in which you may want to consider teeth whitening include:

  • Upcoming cosmetic dental work
  • A “mini” smile makeover
  • Naturally discoloured or stained teeth
  • Quickly enhance your smile’s appearance
  • Faster and safer results than over the counter products
  • Stain accumulation from foods, drinks or tobacco use

Take-home Professional Kits

Teeth whitening trayGet the same white smile in the convenience of your own home. Customised whitening trays are fitted to your unique oral anatomy. When used with our professional strength products for about an hour a day, you’ll see full results in just 10-14 days. Home kits make touch-ups a convenient and effective way to maintain your brighter smile.

Get a Brighter Smile

Before you embark on teeth whitening Bald Hills, we’ll need to ensure that your teeth are healthy. Schedule an exam to screen for tooth decay and gum disease before you book your procedure. Contact us today for more information! We have same-day visits and are here for you on Saturdays.

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