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Our Technology

Dr Hanna showing patient scans of teeth

When you visit Bald Hills Dental, you can rest easy knowing that we’re dedicated to providing state-of-the-art care in a calm, relaxing and comfortable environment. To make sure that you receive the best possible care, we’ve invested in the latest technology that makes your visits safe and simple.

We invite you to read more about some of our cutting-edge technology below.

TRIOS 3D Scanner

Trios 3D scannerThe TRIOS intraoral scanner allows us to use digital scanning that reduces your time in-chair and completes procedures digitally with a high degree of precision. You’ll be able to see your entire proposed treatment plan from start to finish so that you know exactly what to expect.

Patients receiving a dental implant can enjoy an easier recovery, shorter treatment times and fewer appointments. If you’re seeing us for a crown or veneer, it will be digitally milled for a high degree of accuracy and colour matching.

Bone Grafting

CGF bonegraft machine

As soon as a tooth is lost the supporting bone, gum tissue begins to diminish. This means that longer you wait before implant placement, the more tissue is lost. Bone grafting techniques are used to encourage the growth of bone and soft tissue where they are needed. We specialise in using the latest CGF augmentation procedure. The grafting procedure involves taking blood from you and spinning it down allowing us to place your own blood cells back into your body. Best part is by using your own blood and tissues, it results quicker healing time and minimal pain after treatment.

Digital Dental Implant Planning

digital scannerExperience a revolutionary way to replace missing teeth. At our clinic, this procedure is easier than ever thanks to our digital technology with no incision, no surgery and no sutures necessary.

DIOnavi allows us to complete all phases of treatment with digital navigation, which means precise placement without prolonged recovery times.

Full Mouth, Head and Neck Scans

Intraoral xrays being takenIn certain situations, traditional X-rays may not show all the information required for you to make the best treatment decisions in your dental care. We provide three-dimensional X-ray scanning that allows for a complete picture of your oral health, including teeth, soft tissues, nerves and bone in a single scan. What it means for you is more precise treatment planning.

Ozone for Safety & Quicker Healing

Dr Hanna cleaning patient's teethProduced by an ozone generator, benefits include its disinfecting properties that kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa, and is even effective in fighting drug-resistant bacteria. This means that during your treatment, you can rest easy knowing that all procedures are carried out in the most sanitary way. Additionally, it enhances blood circulation and promotes the production of mitochondrial energy for quicker healing after treatments like implants.

Inhalation Sedation (Happy Gas)

Woman wearing dental sedation maskYou shouldn’t feel like you have to put off your dental treatment due to anxiety or phobia. There are ways to stay comfortable and relaxed during your procedures. With the ‘laughing gas’ sedation available at our clinic, you’ll have extra help staying calm. A mask is placed over your nose to help you release your fears while staying fully conscious and in control. This allows you to sit back, relax and receive your treatment without any stress or worry.


With the advanced technology we have available, you can experience gentle and modern dentistry at our Bald Hills practice. For your convenience, health fund coverage can be used for your visit, and we’re pleased to offer a range of flexible payment plans.

Contact us today to book your time with us—we look forward to providing you with the care you deserve.


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