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Non-Extraction Orthodontics at Bald Hills Dental

Woman with little girl wearing glassesAt Bald Hills Dental, we are a patient-centric practice. That means your wishes come first at all times. We strive to provide you with the gentle, high-quality care that you need and deserve. If you are considering orthodontic treatment, we have solutions for you.

Many of today’s dentists and orthodontists extract teeth to create space in order to bring the others into alignment. Dentist Dr Robert Lin takes a more conservative and non-extraction approach.

The Option of Ceramic Braces

When you need effective orthodontic care without the look of metal brackets and wires, ceramic braces are a great alternative. These tooth-coloured appliances function the same way as conventional ones but are made to blend in with your smile, thanks to the light ceramic materials used to design them.

Ceramic braces work similar to metal ones but their streamlined design eliminates the need for colourful rubber bands, visible wire ligatures and is ideal for our patients that don’t qualify for alignment systems like ClearCorrect. While ceramic braces are visible close-up, most people won’t notice them on your teeth during a casual conversation or social setting.

Dr Robert Lin, DentistMeet Dentist Dr Robert Lin

We are pleased to have Dr Robert Lin (Dentist) as a part of the Bald Hills Dental team. He brings unparalleled training and experience to the benefit of our patients.

As a leading expert in Australia on orthopaedics, you can feel confident that you’ll receive the highest standard of care.

His health-focused philosophy on providing dentofacial orthopaedics involves avoiding the extraction of healthy adult teeth whenever possible. In certain cases, such as if the teeth are abnormally large or the jaws have an irregular size, extractions may be inevitable.

An International Academy of Advanced Dentistry Member

Dr Lin (Dentist) is a member of the International Association for Orthodontics and completed a fellowship with this organisation. Shortly after, he was invited to join the teaching faculty of the International Academy of Advanced Dentistry (IAADent). There, he taught comprehensive orthodontic and implant courses.

Additionally, he is the principal lecturer for the IAADent Orthodontics Brisbane Study Club. Dentists from all over southeast Queensland are members and attend meetings.

Screening You for Complications

The alignment of teeth and jaws can alter oral physiology that affects:

  • Breathing patterns
  • Dietary concerns
  • Speech
  • Muscle memory and resting positions
  • Underdeveloped jaw bones
  • Snoring and sleep apnoea
  • Periodontal disease
  • Recurring tooth decay
  • TMJ disorder
  • Bruxism and grinding

Through improving the relationship between your teeth, jaws and orofacial muscles, we can help them to function in a heathy and efficient manner. When this occurs, it will limit secondary concerns such as muscle discomfort, headaches and shoulder or neck pain.

Enhancing Your Health

Addressing the function of your bite and oral anatomy isn’t just about creating beautiful straight teeth. It’s about enhancing your quality of life and keeping your overall wellness in mind throughout the course of your treatment. We provide a variety of orthodontics depending on your needs.

Get Started Today

Schedule a consultation for yourself or your child today to find out how non-extraction orthodontics Bald Hills can enhance more than just your smile. We accept health funds and provide payment plan options.

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