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Tooth Coloured Fillings at Bald Hills Dental

Woman admiring dental work in mirrorThe Bald Hills Dental team is here to serve your every dental need. We’ve assisted thousands of people in our community in improving and maintaining their oral health. If you have a concern about tooth decay, we can provide a tooth-coloured filling to restore the health of your tooth.

Composite Dental Fillings

Composite fillings are selected to match healthy tooth structure, allowing them to blend in with your smile. Traditional amalgam restorations often create dark shadows and stains that seep into the tooth, interfering with their appearance.

If you want to have your older metal fillings removed, we offer mercury-safe removal practices and can replace it with a tooth-coloured restoration instead.

Fissure Sealant Protection

Our Dentists can also prevent cavities by applying a fissure sealant on the sensitive tooth which may be at risk. After thoroughly cleaning the area and grooves in the tooth, a composite material is set in place to seal out the delay. Fissure sealants do not require any drilling in the tooth and can generally be performed without the need of anaesthetic.

How Decay Sets In

Cavities are caused by areas of bacterial infection and acid by-products, weakening tooth enamel until the outer layers are physically compromised. Treating them early with a small filling can help to prevent decay from expanding further into the tooth (or nerve) and adjacent healthy teeth.

We use tooth coloured, metal-free filling materials while treating decay. Not only is composite more aesthetically pleasing, it’s also healthier for the tooth structure in that it:

  • Does not expand or contract as much as metal
  • Bonds closely with the enamel, creating a tight seal
  • Requires less invasive adjustments to the tooth
  • Is free of mercury

The Symptoms of Cavities

Tooth decay can present itself with a number of different warning signs or may have no symptoms at all. If you’re experiencing pain, have sensitivity when eating certain types of foods (or drinks) or have noticed a rough edge/hole with your tongue, then let our dental team know straightaway.

During your exam, we’ll take a small X-ray of the tooth to determine how deep the damage is. If the decay is still localised, we can remove the compromised tooth structures and place a tooth coloured dental filling into the open area. Larger cavities may require a dental crown or root canal if the infection has reached into the nerve of the tooth.

Before tooth colored fillings
After tooth coloured fillings

Improve Your Smile Today

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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