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Clear Aligners at Bald Hills Dental

Box of ClearCorrect alignersHave you ever wished that your teeth looked more aligned? At Bald Hills Dental, we provide a broad range of high-quality services. It’s our goal that you won’t need to go anywhere else to get the gentle, effective care you need.

You may have considered orthodontics but are unsure about wearing metal braces. If so, we provide treatment with ClearCorrect. ClearCorrect is one of the leaders in translucent orthodontic aligner technology. Using a series of custom moulded dental trays, ClearCorrect straightens teeth without the use of conventional brackets and wires.

How Does ClearCorrect Work?

Wearing ClearCorrect places mild amounts of pressure on key areas across your smile. Every two weeks the aligners are changed out with the next set in your orthodontic series. Gradually, each pair of trays nudges the teeth into proper alignment.

The Advantages of Invisible Braces

Our ClearCorrect patients enjoy a number of advantages over fixed braces, including:

  • No dietary restrictions
  • No “adjustment” appointments
  • Fewer and shorter visits to our office
  • Subtle aligners that go unnoticed by others
  • Easier home care
  • No irritating metal appliances

Before and after images of smiles

Who Should Consider ClearCorrect?

A typical ClearCorrect patient is an adult or teen with mild to moderate tooth misalignment patterns. Because so much of the treatment is self-monitored, it’s vital that the individual be attentive to scheduling and wear instructions.

ClearCorrect is ideal in situations where our patients prefer an orthodontic option that isn’t obviously visible throughout the day, making it perfect for working professionals.

Your Home Care Instructions

For best results, wear your ClearCorrect aligners for a minimum of 20 hours per day. Remove your trays during mealtime and to brush and floss. Rinse each tray with tap water and use a soft toothbrush to remove plaque or debris that has accumulated throughout the day.

Most of our patients will change their aligners out every two weeks. Failing to follow the recommended schedule could result in relapse or damage to tooth roots. Stop by our practice once a month to pick up your next few sets of aligners and to make sure everything is progressing as it ought to.

before clear aligners
After clear aligners

Ready to Learn More?

Request your consultation today to find out if you qualify for treatment with ClearCorrect Bald Hills. Contact us today! We can provide a range of flexible payment plan options.

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